Friday, January 28, 2011

A Goodbye for now

Hello everyone - it has been a long time since my last post but I have made a somewhat difficult decision to close my blog for the time being. I am finding that my life is kind of going in a different direction right now. After Christmas I made some new year's resolutions and one of them was to make more time for some of the other things that I want to do. I love to read books and so that is one of the things I am planning on doing more of this year, I love to work on jig-saw puzzles - another thing I want to do more of and a long lost passion of mine is cross-stitch - I have many pictures that are half done that I want to complete. My husband and I have committed ourselves to doing more exercise so both of us go 3 - 4 times per week to Bikram yoga and in the winter we ski and in the summer we hike and I also work outside of the home. I still have a great passion for card-making and scrapbooking and I will still continue to do both but I will not be posting to a blog anymore. I found what happened to me was that I felt I needed to have a card made at least one a week if not more and it became more like a job than a hobby for me. I don't want to feel pressured and that I have to make a card so by not having a blog that takes away that pressure and gives me the freedom to just create whenever and not have to worry about getting it posted. I just want to thank everyone who has followed me and all the wonderful kind comments that I received. It was fun to try it out and to have the blog for the 6 or so months. Maybe once I retire or some other time I may be inspired to start again but for now I am happy with this decision. I will definately continue to follow the blogs that I do now follow - it gives me great inspiration to see what everyone is doing. I admire all of you who can be so committed to your blogs but for me at this point in my life it is not the right thing to do. Thanks for your understanding.

Your stamping friend, Debbie


Tania said...

Hi, its been awhile since I've seen you have to say that I will really miss your blog it was a great way to stay in touch. Especially now with no more crop nights I'm really going to miss those too.I hope that occasionally maybe we could get together to make cards or just visit.Thanks for all the inspiration you've given me.Ps this is not a guilt trip I understand your decision, its okay to try things, doesn't mean you have to stick with them forever. I'm discovering this as I try to fit more things into my life too-Hugs Tania

Tania said...

Hi, had to leave you a liitle farewell award on my blog to thank-you for all of your kind comments and inspiration.Hugs Tania

Nina said...

Hi Debbie, just stopped by to say hi, but I can see you have taken leave. I can certainly understand everything stated in this paragraph! Life is too short to make everything into a job type commitment. It certainly does zap the joy right out of just doing for fun. Enjoy your books, I too love to read, enjoy you puzzles, I like to do those as well, although I am usually doing kiddie ones with my children. Good for you and your husband to commit to a more heathly lifestyle as well. You are one talented card maker so I do hope you don't lay it to the side, because your work is just always so breathtaking and beautiful, but things like this should be fun and on your own time schedule as hobbies goes, that is what makes it a hobby! If you are ever my way drop me a high. ENJOY your Spring & Summer days! ((hugs))