Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Something Special to Share

Hello again - I know I don't post for a couple of months and then all of sudden I do two posts in one day but I had to share this most special Christmas gift that I was given EVER!!  My dear grandmother passed away almost 1 year ago (she was 94 years old and very special to me).  She owned a beautiful fur coat that my grandfather had bought for her many, many years ago and she owned ths fur coat until the day she passed away.  My grandmother has 2 daughters - one is my mom and the other my aunt and between my mom and my aunt there are 4 grandchildren (actually 5 but my brother is mentally handicapped and has been since a small child).  However my aunt was going to get rid of the fur coat after my grandmother passed away but my mother said she wanted to have it.  My mother had a brilliant idea (my mother is an amazing woman) anyways she thought it would be such a wonderful gift to have my grandmother's fur coat made into special "keepsake" bears - 1 for each of her grandchildren whom she adored.  My mother found a lady to make the bears and then my mom knitted the clothes they are wearing.  The lady who made the bears was able to get 6 bears from the coat and so my mom and my aunt also will get one of the special bears too!!  My mom asked me to come over yesterday and pick out a bear - It was so special and this bear is so special too - I ended up choosing the one on the farthest left in the picture - he is adorable!!!.  Even though they were all made from the same pattern they all were so unique in their looks - that is the amazing part of "homemade" that I so love.  Anyways my aunt and my 3 cousins I am sure will be touched as well this Christmas season by this so very special gift.  I had to share this as it just means so much to me and it is a really heartwarming story - my grandma will be smiling from heaven I know when she sees us all with one of her fur bears.  My grandmother loved to do handwork as well so I know she would just love this. Mom if you are reading this post - I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are the best!!!!!  So thoughtful and kind!!!   I wanted to share this with my crafty blog friends as I know they will love to see the bears as well!!  

Have a very Merry Christmas to all - I may post a card or 2 yet before Christmas but in case I run out of time may your season be filled with Joy and Peace and great family memories!!!!

Love your stamping friend, Debbie

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